Agent Conference in Kualalumpur-Malaysia

In life there is always the first experience. First time going to school, first time going to college, first time going to work, etc. And everybody always and will be experiencing all that things. Isn’t right?

And this is my first experience gone vacation to other country. The lucky country I came to visited was Malaysia. You know how they call themself “Trully Asia”. 

And this is a glance, wherever I gone in Malaysia. Check this out.. 🙂

Departed with “Tiger Air Mandala” Airlines at January 19th, 2014 time 13:35 from Juanda Surabaya airport. Arrived to Kuala Lumpur at 17:20. This plane was really on time, same excatly what is written on ticket. My watch just told me it’s 17:10 that means this flight is really quick than I expected. Frankly someone said “Don’t use Mandala because there is delay often.” But, thank god, this is on time, no delay.

Arrived in International Airport Kuala Lumpur (— at Kuala Lumpur International Airport,International Arrival Hall..)  we directly going to Sentral Hotel  (Hotel Sentral) and this is where me and EAM Business friends stay as long as we in Malaysia until vacation over.




In the morning, we take a city tour by using “KL Hop On Hop Off”, we paid 45RM. There is many view and I saw from bus (KL Hop On Hop Off) there are Bird Park, Butterfly park, Kuala Lumpur Bandaraya Council Office, Textil Museum Nation and others office nation. Relax for a while at Masjid negara Malaysia. In this Masjid only muslim tourist can got in. For women whom doesn’t wearing Hijab or men whom wearing short pants, they must wearing a purple cloak.


hop on hop off






The main of agenda  is visiting to AIA office in Kualalumpur, Malaysia to sharing how to become  success . The result from this agenda is provinding this business we must focus and meet to many peoples whoever they are. The main purpose a people to buy  polis insurance to protected their income. Focus, focus and focus to become MDRT 

Salah satu cara nasabah dlm membayar premi lanjutan

Salah satu cara nasabah dlm membayar premi lanjutan

Bu Susi dari Kediri

Bu Susi dari Kediri


bersama salah satu agent AIA dari malaysia yang sudah sukses

In the night, we got dinner in Songket Restaurant. What is Songket Restaurant? Check this out:

After that is free. Wherever yo go, just go as yo please. Just don’t get lost and return to Sentral Hotel. Check info about Sentral Hotel here:

The next day, we traveling to Genting Highlands. What we can found out there? So many things off course. Hotel, shops, play ground, casion, etc. My choice is skyway.



From Genting, with monorail to China town. Riding bs to Central Market, next to Twin Tower Petronas with taxi. Then traveling on foot to Soo, KL City Walk, Sungei Wang, and at last dinner on Jalan Bukit Bintang. 





The next day is free time. We can go anywhere but I prefer to sleep. In the 14:00 Malaysia time, back to Kuala Lumpur International Airport going to Indonesia.

See You Next Time Malaysia.


There is a mistaken part about picture. There is should be January not Februari. 🙂

To be continued, next time I will write about my traveling (the explanation of all place written above).


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